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Water Heaters

Whatever your water heating needs, Bee and Jay offers free estimates to come assess your situation and provide you with a written proposal with the best options. We have a wide variety of water heater options to choose from, so if you're looking for electric, oil, indirect or tankless...we can help. We also install Tankless Water Heaters for on-demand hot water needs! To learn more about Water Heaters...

Well Tanks

Our preferred tank, WELL-X-TROL® by Amtrol, redefined the industry in 1963 as the first pre-pressurized well tank and is, to this day, the most recognized brand on the market. To learn more about Well Tanks...

Water Treatment

Hard water is contaminated with minerals like lead, limestone, sulfur and calcium. These contaminants will eventually produce scale, damage the chrome and stain the porcelain of all your plumbing fixtures. This scale will also form on the inside of your pipes and appliances thus reducing the efficiency and life cycle of washing machines, dishwashers, coffee makers, ice makers, etc.

Adding a water filter to your plumbing system can help reduce or eliminate unpleasant odors, metallic flavors, cloudiness and discoloration. Water filters decrease waterborne rust and sediments that can damage pipes and appliances. Our filters feature strong and durable construction, weather resistant enclosures and user-friendly controls. To learn more about Water Treatment...

Here are some typical examples of situations for calling Bee and Jay:

  • You have no water due to well or water pump failure
  • You have no hot water
  • Your home has a leaky or broken pipe
  • Loss of heat in your home or business
  • You have a toilet blockage
  • Leaking faucets
Ted Kugler and Joe Scollan looking over set of house plans.


New fridge? Bee and Jay can install the icemaker line! Time for a new washer and dryer? We can rough the water and waste lines and hook up your new appliance.

Ready to connect that new gas grill? Give us a call, we can even install your new gas line and perform integrity test for a required blue card by the municipality.

Is that faucet dripping or beyond repair?...we carry replacement units to choose from on all of our fully stocked trucks.

A new hose bib for your outside use? We install frost-poof hose bibs for all of your outdoor plumbing needs!

Need a kitchen faucet or an InstaHot unit for your coffee or tea in the morning?

Gas Fireplace Installations

Cut your heating costs and add some traditional beauty to your home by installing a gas fireplace today. To learn more about Gas Products...

Our service trucks are fully stocked and ready to respond to your emergency call or your service request!

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The Bee and Jay Mechanical Division has been providing heating, water and sewage solutions to commercial and municipal clients in the Westchester/Putnam county area for over 60 years.

Hot Water Heating Systems (single and multi zone)

  • Radiant floor
  • Hydro-air
  • Commercial fin tube and baseboard
  • Cast iron baseboard and radiation
  • Centrifugal heat pump systems

Wastewater and sewage systems:

  • Packaged sewage lift stations
  • Effluent
  • Sewage
  • Grinder Pumps
  • Ground and surface water filtration

Water distribution and treatment systems:

  • Licenses and permitting
  • Wet/line taps
  • Forced main applications
  • Flow meters
  • Mains, risers and distribution
  • Pressure boosting
  • Pumps and Storage tanks
  • Filtration
  • Softening
  • Chlorination
  • Automated controls and telemetry
  • Leak detection/alarms
  • Operation, service and maintenance contracts

Our Municipal division is currently under contract to provide operation, maintenance and "24/7" emergency service to 13 municipal and 24 private water and sewer districts.

In addition to all the services available to our commercial clients; Our municipal division can build, operate, maintain and service the following:

  • State of the art DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) plants with daily capacities of 250,000 gallons or more
  • Chlorination and ultraviolet treatment/monitoring systems
  • Municipal ground and surface water systems
  • Central pumping and treatment stations
  • City wide, neighborhood, development and individual building underground water distribution systems
  • City wide, neighborhood, development and individual building underground sewage handling and treatment systems

Water Treatment Options

We have a proven commitment to reliable, high-quality service. Let us demonstrate how Bee and Jay can exceed all your expectations for response, knowledge, and service. If you want prompt, high quality and cost-effective mechanical solutions make Bee and Jay your first and last call!

Please contact Bee & Jay Plumbing and Heating Corp. to discuss our qualifications for your next mechanical project or emergency.

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