Hudson Valley Laboratory Water Testing


Bee and Jay Mechanical is a
Certified NYS Public Water Systems Operator through
Hudson Valley Water Services
Joe Scollan, Certificate #NY0032861

NYS Water system Operator: IIA-SW/GUI Filtration Plant, IIB-GW

or SW with Filtration Avoidance Plant, C-Plant or Distribution System, D-Distribution System


As of November 19, 2007, anyone that sells their home in Westchester County, New York, that has a private water well, must have it tested when they sign the contract of sale. The county introduced this law to monitor the water quality in the area regarding private wells. It requires the seller to have their well tested by a certified water operator and laboratory for a number of substances including bacteria, chemicals, metals and other contaminants. The tests must be paid for by the seller and be ordered within 10 days of the signing of the contract. The law also states that the buyer and seller cannot waive the testing because a copy of the test results must be sent by the laboratory to the Westchester County Department of Health, and to the seller via Hudson Valley Water Services. This new law also affects tenants who rent a property that is supplied with well water.

Hudson Valley Water Services is an authorized agent to perform this test. We are licensed and certified for municipal, commercial and residential water testing as required by the Westchester County Private Well water drinking law.


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