Bee & Jay Plumbing and Heating Corporation was founded in 1964
as a small, home based, family run business. Over the past four decades, we have steadily grown into an industry leader while maintaining the dedication and values of a true "family business". Managing partners, Ted Kugler and Joe Scollan, maintain the original company vision by focusing on quality, service, value and integrity.  Ted oversees the plumbing and mechanical division, while Joe manages the water systems, treatment projects and service. Together they coordinate a workforce of licensed professionals with a fleet of trucks on the road daily. This steady, managed growth and success is headquartered at the company owned building.

719 Rt. 6
Mahopac, NY 10541
Phone 845-628-3924


Founder John Scollan celebrating with his son-in-law, Ted Kugler, the company's 25th year (1989) in business!


Aerial View of Bee and Jay's building and warehouse on Rte 6 in Mahopac, NY


Lady of the Lake

Our family business started in 1964 out of John Scollan, Sr. home. The business later relocated to Route 6 in Mahopac, which is the same location we are at today.

The original building owner, Herman, created a handmade wooden ornamental piece, named Lady of the Lakes, which at the time was proudly mounted over the front doors of the building (unlike today, Lake Mahopac was visible from our location on Route 6). Herman told us that she will look over the business. In 1990, we expanded and built a second floor on the building, which helped create new office space and a larger shop. During the remodel, John Sr. noticed the contruction team had placed the Lady of the Lakes mantel piece in the dumpster and notified Ted.

“I had to save it from the trash so I pulled it out of the dumpster and repaired, sanded and painted it and now the Lady of the Lakes continues to watch over the business above the large second story window,” Ted said.

Ted Kugler and Joe Scollan looking over set of house plans.
Ted Kugler's daughter Britt helping her Dad (in 1992) getting ready for his next call.
Drawing of the Original Building in 1964.
One of our New Boom Trucks (2012).


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