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Bee and Jay, was started over sixty years ago, and is a true “family business” in every sense of the phrase.  We are primarily a service-oriented company specializing in well pumps, storage tanks, sediment filters, R.O. systems and water softeners.  Bee and Jay is a complete resource for all your water treatment needs.  From water testing, through product design, to installation and service, our licensed staff can transform your problem water into a crisp, clean reality.

Why would you need a water filtering and treatment strategy for your home or business?

Given time, water can tear down anything. It chews up plastic and corrodes metal. The process is slow but inevitable. You can protect your pipes and fixtures while enhancing and safeguarding the quality and taste of your drinking water by calling Bee and Jay for a free consultation today.

Some of our Water Filtration and treatment solutions are:

Water Softening

Why do I need a water softener?
• hard water is contaminated with minerals like lead, limestone, sulfur and calcium.
• hard water produces scale & cuts down on the efficiency of appliances.
• water softeners prolong the efficiency of dishwashers, coffeemakers & household plumbing systems.
• soft water helps maintain healthy skin.
• softening your water can save you thousands of dollars.


Cleaner water from every faucet and plumbing system in your home!
• unpleasant odors, metallic flavors & discoloration spoil the quality of water in your home.
• water filters decrease sediment that can ruin pipes & appliances.
• our filtration systems have 5 & 10 year guarantees.
• strong, durable valve body with weather resistant enclosures.
• user friendly controls.
• removes sediment, rust, sulfur, cloudiness & bad taste.

Whatever your problem, water filters provide the solution.

Reverse Osmosis

Bottled water quality at a fraction of the cost!
• clean delicious water, on tap.
• easy installation.
• monitors & ensures water quality.

Iron Breaker

Multi-Media Filter

Reverse Osmosis

Bottled water quality at a fraction of the cost! Clean delicious water, on tap. Easy Installation. Monitors and ensures water quality.

UV Disinfectant System

A residential, UV system especially for your home.
• destroys microorganisms by disrupting their DNA.
• hi-quality, top-of-the-line performance.
• monitors & ensures proper dosing.
• status & alarm system ensures lamp efficiency.


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Water Treatment Installation
Water Treatment Installation
Aquavar constat pressure system with jumbo sediment filter and water softener
Aquavar constat pressure system with jumbo sediment filter and water softener
Ryan UV Bulb Replacement
Ryan UV Bulb Replacement
Well tank whole house filter
Well tank whole house filter
Aquavar Solo
Aquavar Solo
Jumbo filter with bypass
Jumbo filter with bypass
Henry Filter
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