Hudson Valley Water Services

Bee and Jay, was started over fifty years ago, and is a true “family business” in every sense of the phrase.  We are primarily a service-oriented company specializing in well pumps, storage tanks, sediment filters, R.O. systems and water softeners.  Bee and Jay is a complete resource for all your water treatment needs.  From water testing, through product design, to installation and service, our licensed staff can transform your problem water into a crisp, clean reality.


Why do I need a water softener?
• hard water is contaminated with minerals like lead, limestone, sulfur and calcium.
• hard water produces scale & cuts down on the efficiency of appliances.
• water softeners prolong the efficiency of dishwashers, coffeemakers & household plumbing systems.
• soft water helps maintain healthy skin.
• softening your water can save you thousands of dollars.


Cleaner water from every faucet and plumbing system in your home!
• unpleasant odors, metallic flavors & discoloration spoil the quality of water in your home.
• water filters decrease sediment that can ruin pipes & appliances.
• our filtration systems have 5 & 10 year guarantees.
• strong, durable valve body with weather resistant enclosures.
• user friendly controls.
• removes sediment, rust, sulfur, cloudiness & bad taste.

Whatever your problem, water filters provide the solution.



A residential, UV system especially for your home.
• destroys microorganisms by disrupting their DNA.
• hi-quality, top-of-the-line performance.
• monitors & ensures proper dosing.
• status & alarm system ensures lamp efficiency.



Bottled water quality at a fraction of the cost!
• clean delicious water, on tap.
• easy installation.
• monitors & ensures water quality.




The highest quality well tanks your money can buy.
• extra strength steel domes.
• pressure tested.
• 100% non-metallic water reservoir.
• meets FDA requirements for potable water supply.
• copper lined.
• maximum system output with minimum pump starts.

Joe Scollan, Certificate #NY0032861
NYS Water system operator: IIA-SW/GUI Filtration Plant, IIB-GW Or SW with Filtration Avoidance Plant,
C-Plant or Distribution System, D-Distribution System