Avoid Holiday Blockages

Don’t let a plumbing blockage ruin your holiday fun


With the holidays only a few days away here are a few tips to make sure you don’t end up with a plumbing emergency during the festivities.

Your kitchen sink is not a garbage can.  To keep the water flowing smoothly remember the following things should never go down your sink, even with a garbage disposal:


Cooking Oils

Potato & Onion Peels

Fibrous vegetable like celery and pumpkin


Skin from poultry


If your guest are helping with clean up put a garbage bin front and center so everyone knows to scrape dishes there and if you have a garbage disposal let them know what not to put down the disposal.


In the bathroom the only thing that should go down the toilet other than what comes from your body should be toilet paper.  That means things like cotton balls, swabs, cleansing cloths and similar items need to go into the trash not flushed away.  This included wipes that are labeled “flushable”, they are not very friendly to your ejector pumps and can cause them to become clogged and not work.  Have an empty trash can near bye so visitors won’t feel they have to flush something they shouldn’t.


Fix slow drains right now.