What is Radiant Heat?

Radiant heat is a fast growing trend that started in Europe for its distinct benefits. Instead of warming air and then circulating it throughout your home using ducts and vents, radiant heat is embedded under your floor and uses the entire floor to evenly distribute low-temperature heat.


Although there are a variety of methods and technologies one can choose from, the benefits of radiant heat are the same.

Here are few of most popular reasons to use radiant heat:

Radiant heat warms objects rather than air to create a more even heat throughout your home. Starting with the floor, objects are warmed giving your home a more inviting feeling as your furniture and other fixtures lose their chill. Now, the common complaint of cold feet is cured by heating your floor and letting that heat naturally radiate throughout the room instead of collecting at the ceiling.

Radiant heat is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, basements, bedrooms or a complete home. Unlike other forms of heat you can easily ‘zone’ individual areas. Each of these zones can be controlled by its own programmable thermostat. Now you can designate specific times of the day and desired temperatures for these areas making your home energy efficient without sacrificing comfort.


Radiant heat can be used to add supplemental heat to a bathroom or throughout your home as a primary heating source. Contact Bee & Jay to discuss your options.