Another Potential Disaster Averted!

In keeping along similar lines of our last blog, sometimes owners fear the worst when they have to call a plumber to address what could be a severe and expensive issue in their home. On Friday, we got a call from a long-term customer with inadequate hot water throughout thier home.

Jimmy and Ryan responded to the call and tested and inspected and found the problem was not their hot water heater. The problem was an outdoor bar sink faucet that had a broken stem causing a cross-connection making them lose hot water in the house. They warmed up the blow torch and installed isolation valves, fixing the problem and making hot showers for everyone possible again. This particular service call only took an hour and they were able to clear a clogged shower drain as well…

We can’t stress enough how important it is to call your plumber no matter how bad you think the situation could be- it doesn’t always mean it will be as bad as you fear.

Click here for pictures of Jimmy and Ryan on the job!