A No-Water Emergency Might Not Be Because of Your Well Pump

You’re on the other side of a lightning storm and all of a sudden you have no water. You panic at the thought of a costly well pump replacement and calling a plumber is the last thing you want to do….. Take a minute to read about our weekend.

Due to the severe lightning we had this weekend we had a record number of emergency no water calls- and amazingly enough- all of them had one common culprit…. the pressure switch….

The pressure switch is the primary sensing device on your water storage tank which operates your submersible well pump and controls the cycling of your water system.

The first pressure switch we replaced this weekend was defective internally. The bellows diaphragm rotted, causing internal leakage and burnt out the switch control.

Another pressure switch was internally burnt out due to the lightning storm the previous evening and caused a power surge to melt the internal electrical components.

After a solid 24 hour block of dealing with what could have been our customers worst fear of having to pull and replace their submersible pump and all related equipment from their well…. we were able to give them their water service back with an inexpensive part- a primary component to their water system.