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Time for a New Toilet

Time for a New Toilet

If it’s time to buy a new toilet and turn that old one into a planter, but you don’t have a clue where to start… I’m here to help.  Working in the plumbing industry for over 25 years and also being married to a plumber, I can be a little bit of a snob when it comes to my plumbing fixtures and where to purchase them; with that being said; If I needed to replace my toilet I would first measure from the wall to the first set of bolts at the base of the toilet, depending on how old your house is, the rough measurement is most likely 12”.  Older houses may have a 10” or 14” rough.  Once I have that information I would see how much space my current toilet takes up, take that information to the nearest bath showroom and pick out my new toilet.  But what if you wanted to just pick a toilet online or go to your area home improvement center.  I am going to assume here you have a 12” rough toilet.  You need to figure out if you want a one piece or a two piece toilet, a round or elongated toilet, comfort height or standard height and last what kinda flush.  What you ask does all that mean, let me try to help you

Toilet Piece



A one piece toilet integrates tank and bowl into a seamless design that is easy to clean.

A two piece toilet features the traditional design of a separate tank and bowl.





Toilet Height


A standard height toilet bowl is about 14-1/2” and is also good for small children.

A comfort height toilet bowl is about 16-1/2”, which is about the height of a chair.  Most people find it to be more comfortable and easier on the knees.





Toilet Shape

An Elongated bowl is about 2″ longer then a round front bowl and provides added room and comfort for adults.  Some manufacturers offer a compact elongated bowl, which will enable you to fit an elongated bowl in a tight space.

A round front bowl requires less space, so if space is an issue this is your toilet and tends to be good for small children.




Once you have figured out the type of toilet you want you need to figure out the flush.

Gravity flush, assisted flush, how many flushing options do you want, do you want touchless or even a bidet feature.  (Bidet Feature a whole another blog)

A gravity flush toilet is your standard toilet flush.

An assisted flush toilet moves water from the tank to the bowl and out of the trapway using electricity or pressure.  I have a pressure assist toilet and it can be a bit loud, commercial toilet sounding and when we first moved into our house my girls where young and refused to flush the toilet because it scared them.

Some toilets offer a dual handle for your water gallons per flush option to save water and money.

Touchless technology allows you to flush your toilet by placing your hand over the senor, thus minimizing the spread of germs around the bathroom.

Kohler’s Nightlight Toilet Seat

Kohler’s Nightlight Toilet Seat

Another great product I found while checking out Kohler’s newest Products. The Nightlight toilet seat with two unique LED light displays that illuminate your toilet in a soft glow. Perfect for anyone who needs to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.

The guiding light, located in the seat’s hinge, is visible with the lid down. It projects a gentle glow onto the toilet’s tank so users can easily see the toilet area when entering the bathroom. No need to flip a switch and brace yourself for the harsh bathroom that wakes you up and makes getting back to sleep that much harder.

Nightlight runs automatically on a seven-hour cycle so you don’t have to worry about leaving it on during the day or turning it on every night. With just the push of a button, you program the first cycle, and the Nightlight will activate at the same time every night. The slim, low-profile toilet seat runs on four “AA” batteries for up to six months, so you don’t have to deal with messy cords or wires that add clutter in your bathroom.

Not only does it guide you in the middle of the night, the Nightlight comes with the Quiet-Close™ feature that prevents those rude awakenings commonly caused by a slamming seat, and Quick-Attach® hardware and Quick-Release™ functionality let you easily install the seat and remove it for a thorough cleaning.


Singing in the Shower

Here is what’s new in plumbing product that I came across on the Kohler web site that makes singing in the shower a little easier.

Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker

The Moxie showerhead and wireless speaker delivers up to 7 hours of music and more by pairing wirelessly with your Bluetooth enabled device. Just sync your device with the wireless speaker from up to 32 feet away and you’ll be singing in the shower. The Moxie speaker plays wirelessly in or out of the shower, so you can charge it up and use in the kitchen or even take it to the beach.



VibrAcoustic Bath


VibrAcoustic panels broadcast sound waves that travel through the water and gently resound in the body. Strategically positioned throughout the bath to provide the most beneficial effects to the entire body, these panels are concealed under the shell of the bath for a smooth, uninterrupted bathing surface. Music and chromatherapy are choreographed to work in unison with the VibrAcoustic panels for a holistic approach to profound relaxation.

StereoStick Audion Add on for Kohler’s CL series medicine cabinets.

StereoStick Audio Add on for the Kohler’s CL series medicine cabinets let you connect your personal audio devices via the auxiliary input jack or find your favorite station on the AM/FM tuner.

Numi Toilet
SoundTile waterproof speakers

Among the Numi’s many ultra cool features such as a motion activated lid, bidet function, and heated seat just to name a few is an audio system with AM/Fm radio and auxiliary input.


Sound tiles can be used with any audio system and also integrated with the DTV II Custom Shower Experience.

Prevent Frozen Pipes Before the Real Cold

Prevent Frozen Pipes Before the Real Cold

Prevent Frozen Pipes Before the Real Cold

There are three major causes of frozen pipes: quick drops in temperature, poor insulation, and thermostats that are set too low. Here are some important steps you can take now (before the real cold weather hits us) to prevent frozen pipes:

Insulate pipes in your home’s crawl spaces and attic; exposed pipes are most susceptible to freezing. As a general rule, remember that the more insulation you use, the better protected your pipes will be.

Use heat tape on exposed water pipes to prevent your pipes from freezing. Heat tape requires electricity, but it can be used just on those days and nights when the temperature is below freezing and you’re concerned about preventing frozen pipes.

Seal leaks that may allow cold air inside near where pipes are located. You should be on the lookout for air leaks around electrical wiring, dry vents, and pipes. Use caulk or insulation to keep the cold air out. In freezing temperatures, even a small opening can let in enough cold air to cause a pipe to freeze.

Disconnect garden hoses and, if possible, use an indoor valve to shut off and drain water from pipes leading to outside faucets.

Kid’s Bath

Is it time to update your kid’s bathroom? Do you want to make it fun for your kid’s and easy for you? Check out the children’s FunBath tub conversions kit from American Standard. The Funbath fits over an existing standard 60 inch bathtub. The kit features a kid-friendly acrylic tub deck, a strong powder-coated aluminum frame, decorative front apron, and a chrome hand-shower with an integral on/off switch that ties into existing plumbing.

The Pretty Princess, Fierce Firetruck or Customizable Flat Panel are sure to make any child ask “Is it tubby time yet”?

Signs you need a water softening system

Do you ever wonder if you need a water softening system? Here are a few signs around your house that it maybe time to give Bee and Jay a call for a free water analysis.

  • You begin to notice scales forming in your shower heads, boiler, and bottom of steam irons, dishwashing machines and pipes.
  • You notice low flows through kitchen faucets and showerheads.
  • You begin to see excessive buildup in your bath tubs.
  • You use more shampoo or laundry soap than you think you should.
  • Your dishes and glasses becoming spotted when dry.
  • You may see staining on your sinks, tubs, showers, and clothing.
  • Your hairs feel sticky when washed with hard water.
  • Your Domestic water heater begins to plug, volume/pressure slows to a trickle.
Tub to Shower

Tub to Shower

Do you need to remove your tub and replace it with a shower only for health reasons or ladies you just want to sit down when you shave your legs. Check out two shower bases that are the same size as a tub and have an integrated seat.

Don’t forget the Grab Bars!! (See our last blog for some great two in one grab bars)



Bathroom Safety

Bathroom Safety

Bathroom Safety doesn’t have to be ugly and cluttered!

With today’s multi-function and decorative grab bars you can add safety without sacrificing look.

Do you have a small child who has used the paper holder as a grab bar and the next thing you know the paper holder is in their hand and you have a hole in the wall where the paper holder used to be? Been there done that. With a grab bar and paper holder in one like this it will not longer be an issue.


Do you need a grab bar outside your bathtub or shower but room is an issue? Not anymore with a grab bar and towel bar all in one like this one.


There is even a grab bar with a basket for inside your tub or shower.


According to the IRS Publication 502 “you can include in medical expenses amount you pay for special equipment installed in a home, or for improvements, if their main purpose is medical care for you, your spouse or your dependent.” So put those Flexible-Spending dollars to use. Just don’t forget the doctor’s note.